Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience Research

Lyn Jakeman, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Neuroscience

Patrick Bellgowan, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Division of Neuroscience

Ling Wong, Ph.D.
Chief of Staff, Division of Neuroscience

Monica Flemming
Executive Assistant, Division of Neuroscience


The mission of the NINDS Division of Neuroscience (DON) is to support extramural research aimed at understanding fundamental mechanisms of development, structure and function of the nervous system in health and disease. Basic research to understand the structure and function of the normal nervous system is a critically important sustaining component of the DON research portfolio.  DON also supports research to identify targets and test pharmaceutical, biologic and device based therapeutic interventions for clinical application in neurological disorders and stroke. 

The DON contributes to the NINDS mission by awarding research grants, cooperative agreements and contracts to academic, non-profit and industry researchers and by supporting conferences and training at all career levels. DON program staff provide guidance and resources for investigators and research teams and collaborate with other NINDS Divisions, NIH Institutes, government and private agencies and organizations, and patient-oriented groups to optimize research outcomes.

Investigators are encouraged to contact the program director who is responsible for the research area of interest to assist with identifying the most appropriate funding opportunity announcement for your proposal.  View a list of NINDS program directors by category, or use the NIH RePORTER Matchmaker tool link in the box below.

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