Office of Emergency Care Research

Office of Emergency Care Research

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Welcome to the Web site of the Office of Emergency Care Research (OECR) at NIH. This office coordinates and fosters clinical and translational research and research training for the emergency setting. While OECR does not directly fund research projects, it achieves this mission by working across the 27 institutes and centers at NIH. OECR has four objectives:


OECR catalyzes the development of new funding opportunities for research related to patients with time-sensitive medical conditions.


OECR coordinates research that involves multiple NIH institutes and centers. It can match researchers with funding opportunities in their areas of interest.


OECR creates opportunities for synergy, collaboration and new initiatives in the emergency care research community. The office also organizes scientific meetings to address high-impact, trans-NIH research questions in emergency care. 

Foster Careers

OECR helps train the next generation of emergency care researchers.